Certification of Bird-Friendly Yards

Human development has affected wildlife in many ways, most significantly
through loss of habitat. In urban and suburban areas, where there is limited habitat, our
backyards can serve as important havens for wildlife. The most effective way to do this is
to make your backyard wildlife friendly by providing food, water, and shelter – the three
things all animals need to sustain themselves and raise their young. Use this website to
create a bird-friendly habitat or check if you have one that provides food and shelter
along with other criteria for some very special backyard visitors.

Contact North Shore Audubon Society at nsaudubonsociety@gmail.com with questions or fill out the form below,
scan or copy and email to the above address or mail to certification,


PO Box 763

Port Washington, NY 11050


A NSAS member will come to your house and evaluate
your yard and and you can be certified, receiving the above sign, as having a birdfriendly
habitat. The cost is $20 to be paid at the time of the visit.

Applicants will be scored on certain criteria:

1. Percentage of native plants
2. Amount of lawn and commercial mulch
3. Amount of tree canopy
4. Presence of water sources, snags and brush piles
5. Presence of pollinator plants
6. Rainwater use and soaker hose versus sprinklers
7. Control of invasive plants
8. No outdoor cats
9. No pesticides or chemical fertilizers


Click here to download and print the certification application form.